• The Canada Japan Jazz Exchange 2018 concert in Cobourg

    at The Concert Hall At Victoria Hall
    OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
    Live charge $35.00 + handling

    Ken Prue and San Murata present Diana Panton in Concert Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 7:00 PM
    Concert Hall at Victoria Hall 55 King St. West, Cobourg
    Tickets $35.00 + handling / also please set up a 2 PM ticket

    San Murata - Violin
    Diana Panton – Vocal
    Reg Schwager - Guitar
    Neil Swainson - Contrabass
    Masashi Usui - Tenor Saxophone

    Address: The Concert Hall At Victoria Hall
    55 King St. W. Cobourg Ontario K9A 2M2

    Ken Prue writes: Two years ago my good friend San Murata (78) and I shook hands on a plan to stage a Canada-Japan Jazz Exchange here in Northumberland. Japanese-born and educated, San, a career graphic artist, and 50+ year Canadian has self-trained since age 50 to become a successful jazz violinist in the style of Stephane Grappelli. And he has played and recorded alongside some truly great jazz players, a sign of mastery in the jazz world. For the past several years San has spent the winter months in Kumamoto, Japan, in a bohemian quarter where he plays in jazz clubs almost every night. He has toured the region with some of his Canadian jazz friends and Canada-Japan relationships have formed. It will come as a surprise to many that Japan's Jazz Culture is booming. Performance Clubs, recording studios, and record stores abound and this concert's feature artists have toured, won prestigious prizes and sold lots of records in Japan. San Murata wears three hats for this important cultural exchange as a performer, co-producer, and co-promoter.

  • The Jazz Cafe: San Murata & Masashi Usui & Steve Holt

    at The Natural
    OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
    Live charge $15

    The Jazz Cafe: San Murata & Masashi Usui & Steve Holt

    One of a handful of people playing this unique instrument, San Murata has become one of the most in-demand and appreciated musicians on the Toronto jazz scene. San’s approach to jazz violin is one that emphasizes pure melody and romantic lyricism. His charming music evokes the atmosphere of a Paris salon or a Manhattan tea room.

    San has played with most of Toronto’s top jazz musicians, including Norm Amadio, Jake Langley, Bernie Senesky, Neil Swainson, Mark Kieswetter, Tony Quarrington, Danny McErlain, and the late Bob George, to name a few. The National Jazz Awards has nominated San as “Best Violinist of the Year” four times. San has appeared at the Downtown Toronto Jazz Festival every year since 1994, at the All Canadian Jazz Festival in Port Hope, the Picton Jazz Festival, and has also performed four tours of Japan. He lives in an historic small town east of Toronto just outside of Trent Hills.

    San Murata - Violin
    Masashi Usui - Tenor Saxophone
    Steve Holt - Piano

    The Natural
    Address: 18 Main Street, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K 3K0
    TEL: +1 705-304-2270

  • 30’s & 40’s Jazz for Alexander Calder

    at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
    OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
    Live charge Free

    30's & 40's Jazz for Alexander Calder

    Masashi Usui - Tenor Saxophone
    Paul Shrofel - Piano
    Sam Kirmayer - Guitar
    Jonathan Chapman - Bass

    The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
    Address: 1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1J5

  • Jam Sessions / Alex Bellegarde Trio with guest Masashi Usui

    at Dièse Onze
    OPEN 20:30 / START 21:30
    Live charge suggested contribution


    Alex Bellegarde’s dynamic Tuesday jam session has become one of Montreal’s hippest weekly jazz events. The first set fires up with Bellegarde and his trio, playing host to a range of well known talents from the Montreal scene as well as musicians from out of town. The jam opens in the second set, to any jazz musician with the confidence to step up and play…there’s an unspoken rule though: “If you can’t keep up, you shouldn’t be on stage”. A great place to play and chill…. the jam continues on into the early hours!

    Alex Bellegarde Trio and guest: Masashi Usui

    Address: 4115 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2W 2M7
    Tell: (514) 223-3543

  • Masashi Usui Trio at Jazz inn Lovely 名古屋

    at Jazz inn Lovely
    OPEN 18:00 / START 19:30
    Live charge 3,000

    本拠地Jazz inn Lovelyにて私のリーダーライブです。碓井雅史Trioが奏でる卓越した音楽が人々を魅了する。

    成瀬明 - Guitar
    砂掛康浩 - Guitar
    碓井雅史 - Tenor Saxophone

    Address: 名古屋市東区東桜1-10-15
    LAST ORDER:1:15am
    CLOSE 2:00pm

  • Masashi Usui “Jazz Letter from Canada” at Suimie 富山

    at カフェ&雑貨 suimie
    OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
    Live charge 3,500yen (ソフトドリンクフリー)

    Jazz Letter from CANADA

    私の故郷富山県富山市にあるカフェ&雑貨 suimieさんにて、素晴らしいベーシスト岡本勝之さんのカルテットにSpecial Guestとして参加させていただきます。

    岡本勝之 - Contrabass
    Bert Sakai - Piano
    中井和也 - Drums
    碓井雅史 - Tenor Saxophone

    カフェ&雑貨 suimie
    Address: 〒939-8081 富山県富山市堀川小泉町793-10 2F
    TEL: 076-424-2212

  • 田井中福司 From NY Japan tour 2018 summer at Coty 豊橋

    at Jazz&Dining Coty 豊橋
    OPEN 19:30 / START 20:00
    Live charge 前売3,800yen 当日4,000yen

    ジャズジャイアンツの1人Lou Donaldson氏のグループで長きに渡り共演し、数々のレジェンドたちとの華麗な共演歴をもつ世界的ドラマー田井中福司氏とのSpecial Jazz Nightです!どうぞお見逃し無く!!

    田井中福司 - Drums
    佐藤正道 - Piano
    中神国仁 - Bass
    美和子 - Vocal
    碓井雅史 - Tenor Saxophone

    Address: 豊橋市花園町12 豊橋ビジネスホテル B1F
    Tel: 0532-52-9117

  • 篠原一史カルテット Special Guest 碓井雅史 vol.2 at Life Time 宮崎

    at Jazz Spot Life Time 宮崎市
    OPEN 19:30 / START 20:00
    Live charge 2,500yen (学生1,500)

    宮崎市にある老舗Jazz Spot Life Timeにて素晴らしいギタリスト篠原一史さんのカルテットにSpecial Guestとして参加させていただきます。なんと今回は特別にAlto Saxophoneで演奏させていただきます。どうぞ御期待ください。

    篠原一史 - Guitar
    大西映光 - Contrabass
    磯野智郎 - Drums
    碓井雅史 - Alto Saxophone

    Jazz Spot Life Time
    Address: 〒880-0806 宮崎県宮崎市 広島2丁目3−8 松山ビル3F
    TEL: 0985-27-8451

  • 城島弘幸カルテット Special Guest 碓井雅史 at Restaurant&PUB Gin 佐賀

    at Restaurant&PUB Gin 佐賀
    OPEN 19:00 / START 20:00
    Live charge 3,500円(2ドリンク付き) 学生1,500円(2ドリンク付き)

    九州ツアー3 Days 最終日、Restaurant&PUB Ginにて素晴らしいギタリスト城島弘幸さんのカルテットにSpecial Guestとして演奏させていただきます。

    城島弘幸 - Guitar
    成瀬明 - Guitar
    菅原高志 - Drums
    碓井雅史 - Tenor Saxophone

    Restaurant&PUB Gin 佐賀
    Address: 佐賀市唐人町2-5-2
    Tel: 0952-27-2017

  • 菅原高志Quartet at ちょいWaruうさぎ 大分

    at ちょいWaruうさぎ 大分
    OPEN 19:30 / START 20:00
    Live charge 3,000yen

    九州ツアー3 Days2日目は大分県中津のちょいWaruうさぎにて演奏させていただきます。

    菅原高志 - Drums
    成瀬明 - Guitar
    大門伸一郎 - Contrabass
    碓井雅史 - Tenor Saxophone

    Address: 〒871-0035 大分県中津市島田仲町762
    Tel: 0979-64-6986